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FROM THE 585 - ROCHESTER, NY | Based in NC, US: 

BBQ SAUCE (Formally known as DJ MIXX MASTER TIM), has been serving the planet with remixes, mash-ups & party rocking bangers for over 2 decades! 


Born in the 80s (1982 to be exact) Team #SAGITARIUS; Growing up, BBQ SAUCE was a in LOVE with Music and the culture that follows. Anything from the radio, visuals on TV, or the vinyl records spinning on Dad’s stereo, MUSIC is life. Music pioneers such as Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Bert, Tiësto, Funkmaster Flex & others from the 585-ROC, NY (HOMETOWN), pushed his influence to make beats & later to develop into a DJ! 


Career road: Started in 98', 1st paid house party, BBQ SAUCE continued on to bars, large nightclubs, and high profile celebrity events in the United States & Canada. 

Achievement Catalog: 0 battle championships, 2x second place finals, 1 remix award, & many guest appearances on radio & TV. 


Hard work reaps its benefits, so this DJ seeks out to make new opportunities to fuel his passion & provide a unique party experience you'll never forget! BBQ SAUCE pursues his dreams & hopes to help others along the way to encourage them to never give up on their own desires. Yes, this is BBQ SAUCE! Don’t forget the wings & pizza with your booking! 


So #PutSomeSauceOnIt! Find and Follow everywhere at @bbqsaucedj



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